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How To Utilize LinkedIn To Grow Vast Business Connections

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Win In Business Quickly With Three Effective Steps

Believe it or not, as a new entrepreneur—whether you’ve started an online business or offline business—one of your biggest hurdles is time management.

Now, I personally don’t like to call it that, because I’m an “A-type” personality and I don’t like to be managed…

However, here’s the challenge:

When you first start out in business as an entrepreneur…

You are not conditioned to manage yourself.

From the moment you go to school and then enter the workforce, you’re always TOLD what to do.

You go to school, show up at 8:00am, stay there till 3:00pm, follow your class schedule, do your homework, move to a ringing bell, and so forth.

Then when you enter the workforce, and even when you move up the ladder and become a manager or a leader in a company, there’s still somebody above you that gives you the projects or sets the vision and tone.

There’s always something to do that somebody else creates for you—even if you delegate some of it.


Home Business Owners Simple And Effective Tips To Be Successful

Most people love the idea of being home business owners and dream of working from home full time, however there is a very common misconception that somehow working from home will increase the productivity and efficiency of the person and generate tons of money without doing much work.

Nothing could be further from the truth and there is a good chance productivity will be decreased unless you are aware and make certain changes.

Working full time from home is a great idea and concept and there are millions of people around the world successfully operating home based businesses.

There are many advantages of working from home and if you want to be one of the successful home business owners I am going to give you some tips to follow.