Facebook Ad Campaigns 3-Bucket Strategy to Exponentially Scale

If you gave Facebook a dollar and got $1.18 in return…

…you’d give Facebook as many dollars as possible, right?

This is what we call “scaling.”

And believe it or not, it’s the single most challenging aspect of any traffic campaign.

Because just because a campaign is successful with a budget of, say, $10 a day…

That doesn’t mean you can automatically expect the same results by scaling your spending to $100 a day.

Now, if you’ve been following Elite Marketing Pro for any length of time, you already know we teach traffic and lead generation using native advertising—which is essentially driving traffic to blog posts that are designed to convert cold traffic into leads and sales.

In fact, promoting and syndicating content on Facebook is currently the number one lead and customer generation strategy for us and our affiliates.

But there’s a catch…


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